The Bengston Energy Method was developed by a researcher named William Bengston, who demonstrated in replicated studies that it cured cancer in mice. Cured it. Not sent it into remission – cured it such that when re-injected with the cancer, they didn’t develop cancer again. It seems to trigger a super-immune response in the body.

It also seems to be helpful in a wide variety of other conditions as well.

My Aunt’s Story

In the training, they talked about it being especially helpful with people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and so I approached my uncle (an extremely well-respected physician in Canada, so this was sort of a big ask) whose wife, my aunt, was suffering from fairly advanced symptoms of it. I asked if I could try this highly unusual energy technique to see if it could be helpful in any way. I admitted I had no idea what, if anything, would happen. He asked thoughtful questions about it, and then said, “Sure — why not?”

One of the unusual aspects of it as far as mainstream, conventional medicine goes, is that they live in Canada, and I live in the US. I would do this energy technique “non-locally,” just using her picture and my intention, without being in the same room with her.

I did it first weekly, then twice weekly, and my uncle and I checked in with each other about what he noticed as time went on. He has a researcher’s curiosity, and was interested and open to whatever happened.

My aunt went from being non-communicative to engaged, friendly, and affectionate. She went from needing 3 attendants to change her because of her combativeness to calmly needing one. One of her daughters said after a visit, “I don’t know what Martha is doing, but tell her to keep doing it!”

I’ve been keeping up the sessions for her for over a year now. She’s not cured of Alzheimer’s; deterioration still continues (she’s in her mid-80’s). Would it cure it in someone else, especially if we started it earlier in the process? I don’t know. But everyone else that was admitted with her has either died or is in a coma, and she is still conscious, communicating, and relatively mobile.

Other experiences

I had some sessions done for myself, so I could experience receiving it in an ongoing way for a while. Thankfully I don’t have serious medical issues to deal with, so the deep healing happened at a more psychological level.

It was very weird — even for me, who is used to non-local energy work — to be having a “session” without talking to anyone! I could feel the energy as it revved up, though. And very often, within a couple of days, an issue that I hadn’t fully understood or dealt with effectively came surging up – with insights and solutions ready to go. Urgently ready to go! It was very intense, and incredibly helpful.

Other clients have had similar experiences. Sometimes it’s the intense emotional work that people find the hardest to deal with when they’re focused on the physical issues — but to me this points out how inextricably tied our emotional and psychological issues are to our physical health, and how critical it is that we address them if we want to heal.

From their web site:


What is the Bengston Energy Healing Method®?

The Bengston Energy Healing Method® is an innovative energy-based healing technique developed by researcher William Bengston, PhD, that engages natural energy fields and systems, and that Dr. Bengston’s published research with animal populations has shown to be effective. Dr. Bengston has been conducting research on this form of energy therapy for several decades and has proven the effectiveness of his technique in 10 controlled animal experiments conducted in 5 university biological and medical laboratories. His healing research has produced the first successful full cures of transplanted mammary cancer and methylcholanthrene-induced sarcomas in experimental mice with hands-on techniques that he helped develop. Mice that had successful full cures also had no recurrences of cancer.

What about humans?

Although the Bengston Energy Healing Method® appears to have promising physical, mental and spiritual health benefits for humans, it has yet to be fully researched by the Western academic, medical and psychological communities for human application. The Bengston Energy Healing Method® is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment from appropriate professionals and would be considered “alternative” or “complementary” to the healing arts that are licensed in the United States. Dr. Bengston strongly advises individuals to seek professional advice as appropriate before making any health decisions. For more information about the method and its development, please see Dr. Bengston’s website at

Are there typical results with human application?

It depends on the individual and the health challenge. The Bengston Energy Healing Method® appears to be the most helpful in individuals with fast-growing cancers. The faster growing the cancer, the more quickly the method seems to work. The slower growing, the longer it seems to take.

Clinical experience also shows the Bengston Energy Healing Method® can have very successful results for Alzheimer’s, allergies, asthma, gastrointestinal diseases, eczema and more. It is also effective on dogs and cats with health challenges.
Why does this method appear to help some people and not others?

It has been the clinical experience of Dr. Bengston as well as the therapists he has trained that this method appears to work best with individuals who have not had chemotherapy or radiation treatments. The Bengston Energy Healing Method® appears to hyper-stimulate the immune system to achieve results. One hypothesis is that chemo and radiation may significantly compromise or “kill” the immune response, rendering The Bengston Energy Healing Method® less effective or completely ineffective in individuals who have had those types of treatment, even many years prior. Clinical experience also indicates that patients who do “image cycling,” a form of generating energy developed by Dr. Bengston, during their treatment programs have better outcomes. Instructions for image cycling are provided when treatment begins.

Are you recommending that I use the Bengston Energy Healing Method® instead of getting chemo or radiation treatments?

Neither Dr. Bengston nor the therapists at Equilibrium are medical physicians. We make no diagnoses, we do not counsel people on the course of their treatment, and we make no recommendations regarding treatment options. Again, we strongly advise individuals to seek medical professional advice as appropriate before making any health decisions.

What typically happens with Bengston Energy Healing Method® treatments?

Dr. Bengston’s laboratory research showed that, in mice, the Bengston Energy Healing Method® appears to hyper-stimulate the immune system. This means that, rather than shrinking tumors, the energy seems to hyper-cycle tumors out of the body — think of time-lapse photography of a rose, that shows the rose going very, very quickly from bud to flower to decay, when the rose no longer exists. With the lab mice, the tumors literally “exploded” out of their bodies, and the mice were not only cancer-free, they were permanently immune to cancer, no matter how many times they were re-injected with cancer cells.

Very common side effects of treatments are extreme emotional reactions and vivid dreams. The medical field of psychoneuroimmunology shows that emotional issues very frequently underlie physical disease, and it appears that Bengston treatments work simultaneously on any foundational emotional challenges as well as the physical disease to clear both aspects.

Do tumors “explode” out of humans too?

There are no clinical cases of that happening. However, just as they did in the lab mice, tumors in humans sometimes appear to change size before they disappear completely. This seems to be a normal, typical part of the process with this therapy. Also, just as with other forms of Eastern therapies like acupuncture or other energy medicine therapies, toxins are often released and clients can feel as though they are getting worse while they are getting better. For example, some clients experience skin rashes, pangs of pain in the tumor area, or other reactions. Again, this appears to be typical with the Bengston Energy Healing Method® and seems to indicate that healing is underway.

Aren’t all forms of energy therapy the same?

No, there are many different kinds of energy therapies — the Bengston Energy Healing Method®, Reiki, pranic healing, qi gong healing, just to name a few. They are all energy medicine therapies, but they each appear to have not only their own energy frequency, but also different healing outcomes. For example, there are dozens of published studies on Reiki therapy, with research showing that it boosts the immune system, induces a deep relaxation response, creates better quality of life in cancer patients, and more. But no studies have ever shown that Reiki actually cures cancer, compared with the Bengston Energy Healing Method®, which research shows cured cancer in animal studies.

Also, our clinical experience shows that certain forms of energy therapy limit or eliminate the effectiveness of Bengston therapy. It appears that Bengston therapy is very “high powered” compared to other energy healing methods, and seeks to create the optimal energy frequency for each individual’s healing process. Energy methods that attempt to “set” a certain frequency — such as Rife therapy, magnets, qi machines, qi gong, etc. — appear to block or limit the Bengston energy and prevent it from achieving full effectiveness. Clients who have used those kinds of therapies at the same time have seen less successful results. We are not physicians, and do not advise on courses of therapy. This information is simply provided to help you make informed decisions about your choices.

How many treatments are required with the Bengston Energy Healing Method®?

Dr. Bengston generally recommends 8 sessions, typically a week apart. In late-stage cancer cases, they can be done twice a week.

Can treatments be done more often?

They can be, but greater frequency does not appear to improve the outcome. It seems that the human body takes about a week to process as much energy as is received during one treatment, and that trying to give more energy sooner is like topping off a cup that is already full.

What does it feel like to receive a treatment?

Depending on how energy-sensitive you are, you may or may not feel the energy moving in you. However, we always ask clients to get into a comfortable position, lying down, because they often fall asleep during the treatment. Most clients feel a greater than usual need to sleep for several days after a treatment.

Do treatments need to be done hands-on?

No, they can also be done as distance healing with exactly the same effect. The principles of quantum physics explain why healing works equally well at a distance as in person, and the book we recommend most for understanding this is The Basic Code of the Universe: The Science of the Invisible in Physics, Medicine and Spirituality by Missimo Citro, MD.

Can I do the Bengston Energy Healing Method® on myself?

Unfortunately not. Reiki may be the only form of energy therapy that you can use to treat yourself. It appears that, like most forms of energy medicine, the Bengston Energy Healing Method® must be performed by someone trained to do the therapy.

What is “charged cotton”?

Depending on the type of cancer and location of tumors, or certain other health challenges, charged cotton appears to support the progress of therapy. Dr. Bengston discovered that cotton can be “charged” with this particular energy, and that applying charged cotton to the tumor site appears to draw some level of disease energy out of the body and at the same time continuing the Bengston energy as treatment. If charged cotton is recommended in your particular therapy, it will be provided and you will be given instructions on how to use it.

Does Dr. Bengston work on clients himself?

He no longer does, as he has now dedicated his time and efforts to research and to teaching the Bengston Energy Healing Method®. He consistently refers clients to the team of trained therapists here at Equilibrium.

How can I learn more about the Bengston Energy Healing Method®?

Please go to Dr. Bengston’s website at Also, the book entitled The Energy Cure by Dr. Bengston explains the development of this therapy, and his set of CDs, Hands-On Healing, teaches the basic principles of the method. You can order the book and CDs from Equilibrium.

How can I get a course of therapy?  

Email me at The fee is $400 for four sessions, and I accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express for payment. At the time you call to make payment, we will schedule four appointments for you. Also:

1. I do not need any medical records, but I require a detailed description of your most recent diagnosis.
2. If you are not receiving the therapy in person, I need your full name, address and a recent photo of you (JPEG), all of which you can email to me.
3. I also ask that, within 48 hours after a treatment, you email me and let me know how you are feeling. If you want to share what you experienced during the treatment I am happy to hear about that. But it is more important for you to describe any physical, mental and emotional changes, however subtle they may be, during the days following the treatment.
4. After we have completed four sessions, we will assess your response to the treatments. If there are no changes whatsoever, this may not be a suitable therapy for you at this time. If any changes occur, you are encouraged to continue with four more sessions, as the average course of treatment is eight sessions. Certain conditions may require more.
I ask that communication during the course of therapy, including updates, questions and responses, be via email so that we can track and save data and other documentation in writing. However, consultations by phone are available at any time by appointment. The fee is $100 an hour in any increment you wish to schedule — 15 minutes for $25, 30 minutes for $50, etc.