I love this technique, and use it for myself at least as often as I use EFT. It’s great for when you don’t have the time or inclination to specify exactly what is wrong, you just want to feel better fast. It’s a useful tool for when you have a lot of negative stuff you want to unload; it’s equally useful for asking for what you do want instead.

It was developed by Sylvia Hartmann in England (www.sylviahartmann.com), and like other energy psychology techniques is deceptively simple and quite surprisingly powerful.

1. Cup your hands loosely over your mouth, creating a “globe.” Pour out into your hands everything related to the stress in question, being just as unreasonable or inarticulate as you feel like being. Torrents of words, guttural sounds, screams – anything is acceptable.

2. When you feel you have gotten it out, take your hands and sweep them over your head and down your back.

3. Continue over your head and down your back, then bring your arms around to your back to continue the downward sweeping, allowing the thought energy to settle at the base of your spine.

4. Take a deep breath.

5. Check to see if there is more related to that issue, or if anything else wants your attention or releasing. If so, do it again, until you feel it’s enough.

6. Ask your conscious mind to be alert and ready to receive the answer in unexpected ways.

Don’t worry about overloading the system with too much information. The sweeping motion, and the area it covers, seems to move all that emotional and thought energy to higher levels of processing, which are much better at this kind of thing than our conscious mind is.

You can also ask for what you do want, as you unload everything you don’t want.

Something to experiment with – especially as you ask for what you do want – is to do the sweeping motion in reverse, though you can do this in front of you instead of trying to sweep up your own back. The sweeping up your front is the like the classic energy technique of the “zip up” where you sweep up from your pubic bone to your chin. This can lock in the positive stuff and make sure your energy field is good and protected.

The more intensely emotional you express yourself into your hands, the better. Although it’s fine to do it sitting in a chair, it often works even better if you’re standing or moving around.

Have fun with this!