Human Design is an integration of a number of ancient traditions and modern sciences, that provide you with a blueprint for who you were born to be.

With information from your Human Design chart, you can answer with life-changing specificity these kinds of questions:

  • How can I trust the decisions I make?
  • Why do I feel so different?
  • Is it possible to struggle less and achieve more?
  • Is there a specific strategy for me?
  • Why do I respond the way I do?
  • Is there a way that I can have relationships that work easily?
  • Why do I do/feel/prefer/ _(insert quirky thing here)_?

Human Design can:

Explain why you feel the way you do
Identify your strengths and natural gifts
Articulate the nuances of your experience in the world
Show you where areas of challenge are for you, and how to navigate them successfully
Specify exactly how to make decisions that you can trust
Explain why others behave the way they do, and how you can gracefully deal with that
Give you a road map to your life, so that you can refer back to it again and again
Identify the ways you’ve been conditioned to be other than who you are, and how to get back to yourself

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a synthesis of several ancient traditions – the I-Ching, the Kabbalah, astrology, the Chakra system – as well as of the modern sciences of quantum physics, astronomy, genetics, and biochemistry . What it is, functionally, according to Ra Uru Hu, who brought this system to the world, is a map to the nature of your being, of your genetic code. It details the mechanics of your nature to such depth and with such detail that your uniqueness is indisputable, and finding your way back to yourself an exhilarating journey of transformation and freedom.

It’s hard to overstate the relief in finding out that the things you used to give yourself the hardest time about (“what’s wrong with me? Why aren’t I like ____?”) are the things that are specifically, uniquely, and gloriously you. These unique qualities are not only for you to embrace, they are part of your purpose here on Earth, and embodying and expressing them in the world is part of your fulfillment in this life.

Human Design gives you a precise map of who you were born to be – which for most of us is no one like we were conditioned to believe we were supposed to be. Most of us have been conditioned to be other than who we really are, and end up frustrated, angry, bitter, and unfulfilled. Your Human Design chart gives you a way back to yourself – in a process that’s meant to be experimental, experiential, and fun.

Some of the “de-conditioning” is anything but fun, of course – some of it has been incredibly painful and traumatic. It’s so painful to live from a place of believing there is something wrong with us, or to not really trust ourselves or our decisions, to feel disconnected from our spirit and body and heart, letting our minds carry a burden they weren’t meant to carry.

But once you have the information about who you were born to be – and feel the resonance that comes from recognizing the truth of it – then you have a clear path away from the conditioning and back to who you are. The ironic thing is that after a lifetime of struggling, struggling, struggling – our cultures and religions glorify it, we’re all trained to do it, and it is a struggle to be someone else, day in and day out – people remark on how easy it is to finally live as they are. Everything feels better, we do what comes naturally to us, we go with the flow (of our energy, with the life force) and everything works out so much better.

It can feel surprisingly difficult to do, if you don’t know what to trust in yourself, if your mind doesn’t have a framework for understanding what it is you’re doing, and all you’ve got is your fearful, conditioned self screaming at you to go back to your tried and (not so) true survival strategies. That’s why the information in your chart can be so helpful. It gives you a map to come back to again and again, when the conditioned part of you wants to take over and you’re terrified of letting go of it. You can understand what it is you’re meant to be doing, feel the rightness of it, take a deep breath, and follow the flow. Joseph Campbell was right – follow your bliss!


“Everything Martha told me in my Human Design reading was dead on! So much about my life-long struggles was explained by that reading. I learned how I best make decisions and interact with others and what I need to do to maintain balance in my life. Human Design is a valuable tool as I am transforming my life.” Wanda H.

“Human Design changed my life – for the better. By having an understanding of why I see the world the way I always have, and why I respond emotionally to what I see, I am more comfortable day to day. My professional career is better, my relationship with my wife is more relaxed and vibrant. It is my pathway to both embrace and let go of life.

Human Design is empowering and powerful. No more thinking the world is acting upon me. I understand my place, my purpose, my process, my way. I am comfortable here. Optimized living through Human Design. I heartily recommend it!” John D.

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