marthaI am a licensed clinical social worker and have been in private practice, searching for effective transformational tools, for over thirty years. I’ve worked extensively with anxiety and depression, PTSD and eating disorders, stress and overwhelm and the pernicious problems of everyday living.

I’ve worked with individuals, groups, businesses, sports teams, CEO’s, artists, and students, moms, dads, kids, and regular people. I like working with people who want something different and aren’t afraid to try something different to make that happen.

Mostly, I am interested in helping people understand who they are, what their gifts are, and helping them be themselves in the world. It’s such a seemingly small thing, and yet it’s everything.

I got a degree in psych from University of Michigan, got my MSW from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Over the years, I’ve gotten training in body-centered psychotherapy, clinical hypnosis, cognitive-behavioral psych, an extremely long list of energy-based psychotherapy tools and techniques, as well as many Human Design courses and NeurOptimal neurofeedback certification.

I combine everything I’ve learned over the years and bring it into every session with you.