Individual sessions include whatever we agree might be helpful. We’ll talk about what it is you want, and what the most effective path is to your manifesting that.

I’m interested in helping you identify what it is you want for your life, and then clearing the obstacles to your creating that life as quickly and effectively as possible. What we experience as obstacles are often old distress patterns that we learned as children, and releasing those frees you up to use your natural gifts and passions to create the life that fits you now.

Most sessions are an hour, though sometimes we might agree to meet for 90 minutes or longer if we’re covering a lot of ground or you’re coming from a long distance away.

I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and so my services are reimbursable by most insurance companies. I’m not on anyone’s provider panel, so you would be filing for me as an out-of-network provider. You pay for the session at the time of service, I give you a form with all the necessary numbers on it, you file, and the insurance company pays you.