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There is no There

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One of the elusive promises that has pulled me forward and inspired many of my explorations has been the one that if I just find the right Answer – especially about who I am and what I’m “supposed” to be doing here in this lifetime – then I will get “there” and life will finally […]

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Surrendering to What Is


After this past week’s elections, I’ve been thinking a lot about Michael Singer’s book, “The Surrender Experiment.” In it, he describes his life-long experiment with, and practice of surrendering to Life when Life clearly won’t let go. In this case, “surrendering” doesn’t mean becoming passive. It doesn’t necessarily mean giving up. What it does mean […]

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Psychotherapy on Steroids

I’ve always been interested in “what works,” as far as growth and healing is concerned. Maybe I’ve been a tough case, but a lot didn’t work for me, either as a client in psychotherapy looking for relief, or as a psychotherapist wanting to help others find relief. Over the years I’ve trained in many different […]

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