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I’ve always been interested in “what works,” as far as growth and healing is concerned. Maybe I’ve been a tough case, but a lot didn’t work for me, either as a client in psychotherapy looking for relief, or as a psychotherapist wanting to help others find relief. Over the years I’ve trained in many different modalities, but my favorite, most dynamite, most powerful combination of blasting through the stuck-est of emotional or psychological junk is using energy psych, neurofeedback, and Human Design together.

How it Works…

You come in and we talk about what is going on, what you know about it, what you’ve done to help manage or resolve it. I get a feel for what the patterns are, where the emotional charge is, where the stuck places might be. I also get a sense of what your Human Design might be, and where you might be going cross-wise with it.

We use energy psych techniques to help clear those patterns we’ve identified as being the worst, or most disruptive. We focus on the image, thought, and/or feeling that creates the pattern, and use energy psych to clear the excess energy that is keeping it stuck. We do it enough times so that you have a conscious awareness of it shifting, and of new thoughts and feelings coming up. We keep going until a more positive shift feels anchored and grounded.

This process often doesn’t take very long, because energy moves so fast. It sounds almost magical, it feels almost magical, though there increasing numbers of scientific studies that actually explain what is happening and why. One article is by Nick Ortner for the Huffington Post:

For some stuck patterns, having another way to intervene is helpful, and that is where neurofeedback comes in. The system I use (Zengar NeurOptimal) simply gives your brain information about what it’s doing in a moment-to-moment way, and your brain utilizes that information to re-organize itself in a more efficient and productive way.
In a very real sense, neurofeedback “can’t help but help,” and is good for anyone who wants to increase their health and well-being, or improve their performance. It’s particularly helpful for people dealing with anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, or PTSD and other trauma.

So even the most stubborn, life-long issues start moving in a relatively short time-frame.

Human Design helps provide the road map for trusting that what you are doing, feeling, sensing, and deciding is right for you. It gives you specific information about your wiring; information that resonates deeply and awakens you to who you are in a way that is powerful and unique. It often just feels like relief – “there is a reason for why I feel/do/act the way I do, and it’s all good!”

I love this combination. I love working with people who feel like they’ve tried everything and nothing has worked, or who are tired of being told “there is nothing you can do,” or “you have to take this medication for the rest of your life.” I love that people get to feel better right away, and make deep and lasting changes in days or weeks, instead of years, or never.

Hugs,Martha martha-for-web-stie

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